How to switch my webhosting package to an e-mail only package

  Mail, Webhosting

When you have a hosting package, but only want to use its e-mail functionality, you can achieve this by following these steps:

Log in to our control panel, and select Products & Services at the top of your screen.
Next, navigate towards the Hosting Solutions tab and select Webhosting.

Selecting the specific hosting package you’d like to modify leads you to its overview page. Here, you may detach the e-mail functionality from your hosting package.

This package will no longer have e-mail functionality attached to it.

You may now cancel the remainder of your package by clicking the red Discontinue button to the upper-right of your screen.
The subsequent page requests your confirmation to do so.
Remember to leave the “Expunge all products” setting switched on.

You have now cancelled your Webhosting package.
You can manage your e-mail settings by navigating to the Hosting Solutions tab and selecting the Email option.